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Marienkirche renewal, 2013

New Look

Atelier Goldstein Lebenshilfe e.V. Frankfurt am Main is considered one of the world’s foremost “studios of outsider art”. In 2009, Dr. Söling, the CEO of the St. Vincenzstift, commissioned Atelier Goldstein to give Marienkirche a new look. The brief was as follows: to use contemporary artworks to help people rediscover the spirituality of this Cistercian church dating from the early 13th century. In the spirit of the Cistercians, the new look was characterized by simplicity, as well as having a galvanizing effect on visitors. The artists at Atelier Goldstein have created something unique – they have revived people’s belief in faith – by breathing new life into the ideas behind the Catholic doctrine and its stylistic vocabulary. These works really bring home the message at the heart of the Church.