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Marienkirche exterior view, 2015

A word of welcome

Any idea where Aulhausen is? Let alone that Marienhausen is part of Aulhausen? Together with the Church of St. Mary, the Marienkirche, the old Cistercian convent of Marienhausen has now evolved into a unique cultural and spiritual centre. Marienkirche is located on the edge of the large St. Vicenzstift complex and is part of the old convent complex first consecrated back in 1219. Since its opening in January 2016 this church has been the first and indeed the only church in the world to be decorated by the work of artists with disabilities. Services, prayers and hymns now take place in a church decorated by the unusual artworks provided by unusual people.

On stepping into this ancient church you find yourself drawn into the world view of these people, a view not necessarily the same as your own. With their extraordinary artworks, they have interpreted the age-old Christian message as seen through their own eyes and through ours, bringing it to life in the process. And if you only allow it, you will be able to see yourself and your world through new and different eyes…

Have we kindled your curiosity?

Feel cordially invited to visit us!