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Rheingauer Klostersteig is a trail for ramblers and pilgrims.

For rambling enthusiasts this is a premium 30-km hiking trail which can be tackled from either end. It is a subsidiary byway of the Rheinsteig and connects directly to the latter.

As a pilgrimage route Klostersteig starts at Kloster Eberbach (Eltville-Kiedrich) and leads, via the abbeys of Johannisberg, Marienthal, Nothgottes and Sankt Hildegard, to MarienKirche (Aulhausen). The route is aimed particularly at weekend pilgrims who simply wish to escape from day-to-day life for a couple of days. Accordingly, it is thematically organized. Not only is the history of the individual abbeys explained, at the same time ramblers have an opportunity for tasting the spirituality of going on a pilgrimage.

If you have any questions relating to Rheingauer Klostersteig contact Rheingau-Taunus Kultur und Tourismus GmbH

or contact Pfarrer Kurt Weigel.


Rheingauer Klostersteig, 2016